Who is yung rolo dating

He was first signed to the Take Fo' Record label in 2002, with his debut album "Like Dat".

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While the Black Knights rescue the prisoners, Rolo tries to kill Lelouch for his betrayal.

It was self-released by the band in 2004 in two limited runs of 300 and 400 copies.

The title track was 16 minutes long, used 18 guitar tracks, had a three-minute drum solo and contained 5 minutes of whistling.

It is then revealed that Rolo, with the help of his Geass, has been trained to be an assassin since he was a toddler, and given the longevity of his career he knows about almost nothing other than killing and killing and killing, oftentimes going undercover.

For this assignment, Rolo was tasked to be undercover as Lelouch's brother following the death of Clara Lanfranc, and although Rolo was skeptical since he never had a family and didn't know what it meant to be loved, he accepted.