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1958-59 maple necks reverted back to the "C" profile but with considerably less bulk than the original "C", and are arguably the least favorite among die hard 50's Strat fans.

In 1959, Fender introduced Phase 2, a maple neck with a slab rosewood fretboard featuring "clay dot markers".

In 1954, the introductory year of the Stratocaster, the instrument featured a one piece maple neck that included the fretboard, and it would retain that design until early 1959 when rosewood was afixed to a maple neck for the fretboard.

The maple board years from 1954 to 1959, which I call Phase 1, saw the use of different neck profiles.

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Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless streaming, an integrated handle, universal voltage for international use, and more.

Features include: 100W Output Power, 8 inch Full-Range Whizzer Cone Speaker, Bluetooth for audio streaming with wireless devices, Finished plywood Shell, Integrated Handle, XLR Line output, Headphone output, Auxiliary input for use with external audio devices, Universal voltage operation for global use – plug it into the wall, anywhere, USB jack for audio streaming/recording, Footswitch jack for optional 4-button effects on/off switch (FEN 0080996 000) adds functions like Tap Tempo, Tuner, and more.

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