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Just watched the new David Attenborough programme and cant honestly say I have spent a more diverting hour in front of the TV. Anyone reading this please watch rest of the series, you wont be disappointed. Signzone is subtiltes and signed with the man / lady in the corner doing BSL (British Sign Language)These programmes are also on way too late for a deaf person to be sat watching them Most BSL users video the programmes and watch them in the day time I honestly don't know why Sky do not 'tap into' what could be a lucrative market and have a BSL channel for adults and another one with kids programmes on it They have enough 'babe station' etc channels with carp on all of them BBC ETC.. you would think someone would cater for all these people who are Ho H and use BSL. programming and the time it is on is handled Makes me very angry Miss_BBWi agree essex...the hell....i read somewhere about babestation and carp...better weather is on its way at last, anybody want to join me for a days carp fishing? there should be a new room dedicated to fish..wierd, ive got fish on the brain..dear...missbbw...there are only 2 channels with carp on them...discovery and home&leisure, i think thats the same channel but one is discovery i must admitt i have seen all the fishing programmes now on sky, theres too many adverts and that gets on my nerves. The cute little Polar bear cubs (hands up all those that went "awww"), the snow leopards were lovely as well - a shame there are so few of them left in the world.

Only cater for deaf people with subtitles on some programmes and not all deaf people can read properly as for some it is not their first language BSL is - which is signed not spelt and spoken most of the time ... But I think the best piece of camera work was the Great White Shark leaping from the water - just how big was that thing?

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As a member, you can read and reply to emails, send ... The gist: This one seems reputable, if a bit skewed toward 40-year-olds who like swimming with the dolphins. "Planet Earth" is the debut single by the English pop rock band Duran Duran, released on 2 February 1981. (Warning: If you’ve ever stabbed your eyes with a trident — the stabby thing, not the gum — that’s what looking at these sites feels like.

It was an immediate hit in the band's native UK, ...‎About the song - ‎Music video - ‎B-sides, bonus tracks and remixes - ‎Chart positions Planet Earth Singles Success Story - Conscious Singles

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