Is bethany frankel still dating jason whos bradley cooper dating

Let's break down the break up of a made-for-television spinoff marriage!

"My marriage made me feel like I was a bad person, like I was damaged, I was dysfunctional, I was never going to be happy," Bethenny recounts to People. Yet there I was – in a relationship that made me feel that way." Bethenny doesn't believe she's damaged? Wait – I seem to remember her crying and whining about it on television for years and years (pre-Jason!

Then, Frankel branched off to have her own reality shows with Hoppy, who appeared to be a very sweet, supportive and level-headed partner for Frankel.

With the immense success that came to Frankel in their short marriage, the success clearly affected their relationship and Hoppy left his job as a pharmaceutical salesman to join Frankel's business.

Bethenny cites Bryn as the only good thing that came out of her marriage and gives Jason no credit for putting up with her reality TV scheming butt.

Since Hoppy has refused to agree to a settlement, or a plea deal, it seems as if there may be some benefit to Frankel in dragging this situation out.

Despite the dramatics on RHONY she seems completely unbothered by these court proceedings and doesn’t even need to show up.

The news reports for this case seem to be all over the place.

It appears that yesterday Frankel provided the court with documentation from the original events (mostly texts and phone calls and one face to face encounter) that resulted in two additional charges filed against Hoppy, talking in the third degree, another count of stalking in the fourth degree. The court offered to drop the charges if he plead guilty to the one charge of harassment and attended anger management classes.

Is bethany frankel still dating jason