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Other factions in the East led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar also opposed the GNA.His forces had taken over the four key oil ports of Essidra, Ra's Lanuf, Brega and Al-Zueitina, but were cooperating with the GNA to permit oil exports.The loss of Sirte is a major blow to the extremist organization, but it still retains a presence in the war-torn country.The extremist group has also been dealt a number of setbacks in Syria and Iraq.The United States on August 1 launched Operation Odyssey Lightning to help government-aligned forces push IS from Sirte.Fayez al-Sarraj, the leader of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), announced over the weekend that military operations begun in June in the coastal city had been completed after tough fighting to root out the jihadists.A Libyan coup d'état attempt took place on 14 October 2016.

From April 2016, two rival governments existed, one based in Tripoli and the other in Tobruk.Background on ACTED Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and...Overview of CTG Global CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world.In April 2016, the UN brokered an agreement to create a Government of National Accord (GNA), effectively disbanding the Government of National Salvation (GNS).The latter's former leader, Khalifa al-Ghawil, rejected the proposal and became the subject of EU sanctions.