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Obviously, these being the times we live in, such blasphemy couldn't go unaddressed; and by no one other than the president himself.Donald Trump lashed out in expectedly incendiary fashion, and proceeded to kick the ever hungry appetites of Twitter Trolls near and far. I consider myself lucky to be around to yes, witness a glaring inability on the part of Trump's team to actually include a 'shamrock' on their St Paddy's Day-themed ball caps.'Can anyone help me out without us having to crop the image?'Predictably, people on the internet let their imagination run wild as they doctored the image.

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LOLIn what could be called a major fail, his bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, failed to garner enough votes and was pulled from the House floor swiftly.

Some opted to replace the man by Katy Perry's famous dancing sharks, which stole the show during her Super Bowl performance in 2015.

Another person superimposed an eggplant emoji on top of the man, while others turned him into various memes involving Michael Phelps, Leonardo Di Caprio, or Beyonce.

Which makes total sense because NO IT FREAKIN' DOESN'T! I will agree that Obamacare is far from perfect but just taking your ball and going home because you didn't get to play with the big boys is not exactly how a democracy works. Here are 19 memes and tweets and really express how I feel!

Donald Trump needs to step up to the plate, hand in small hand with Paul Ryan, and figure something out so that America isn't the laughing stock of the world.