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And he is recommending consolidating CSCU’s 12 community colleges into a single, centrally managed organization.Taken together, the two moves are intended to save an estimated million annually.Until recently, many IT professionals would simply install a new physical server to handle the task without first checking to see if the application could run on an existing box. Because the IT pro learned through experience that it was far easier and cheaper to procure a new physical server than to reprovision an existing server to handle multiple functions.But today, energy costs for operating a server are often higher than the acquisition costs of the physical hardware, and so this reasoning no longer holds true.Nowadays, consolidation of a homogeneous workload is very easy.Hardware can handle much greater load and user access than in the past.Now the IT pro requires solutions that consolidate physical services in order to improve efficiency, reduce wasted energy, and cut costs.And this is where Microsoft System Center comes into play—it offers a variety of tools for implementing consolidation strategies for both homogeneous and heterogeneous workloads.

Black Line products work in unison to eliminate manual spreadsheet-dependent processes prone to human error.But consolidation also carries the risk of reducing competition and raising prices.“The problem is, coordination and competition are kind of antithetical,” said Mark Pauly, a professor of healthcare management at the University of Pennsylvania.Systems are striking deals that deliver larger scale, more leverage and more diverse business lines that executives contend are needed to manage increased insurance risk and reduce wasteful fragmentation.Dealmakers say they hope to improve quality and reduce costs through greater standardization of care, more negotiating leverage with suppliers, and bigger investments to bolster providers' ability to communicate and coordinate care.